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Here at SDAV we're committed to doing the best job of transferring all of your family memories to DVD or digital video file. Whether you have 8mm film, 16mm film, Super 8 film, VHS, audio cassettes, or big albums full of photos, our highly qualified team can take those old memories and professionally restore them so that your family can enjoy them on any computer or TV.

If you're looking for professional video to DVD transfers in San Diego, cheap CD/DVD duplication in San Diego, photo scanning in San Diego, or if you're looking for a professional audio recording studio in San Diego, be sure to contact us for more information. Be sure to ask about our special services, such as negative scanning, voice over recording, photo restoration, photo slideshows, and CD/DVD replication.

San Diego Audio Video's Latest

8mm Film to DVD

Watch your old 8mm movies on a DVD! San Diego Audio Video specializes in 8mm film transfer. We understand how important family memories are to you and we would love8mm film to DVD to be of service. Our technicians handle your 8mm films with care, clean and lubricate them, and transfer them using state-of-the-art equipment that assures the highest possible quality. If you've waited a long time to digitize your 8mm films, you've been risking degradation and/or loss of some precious home videos. Wait no longer, and let us do the work for you.

Once your memories are on DVD, you can easily share them, view them, copy them, and preserve them without losing any quality whatsoever. If you are in San Diego you can bring your reels by, or if you are anywhere in the United States you can ship us your 8mm films and get them shipped back to you along with the DVDs. If you're thinking of doing any editing with the footage, the best option for you might be to have them transferred onto a hard drive. If you are not familiar with video editing software, and can't get that one person in your family that has the skills to do it, simply let San Diego Audio Video do the work for you as you sit alongside our skilled editors.


Do you have VHS tapes laying around? You probably do. You're also probably trying to figure out what to do with them. They just sit there, collecting dust. San Diego Audio VHS to DVD San DiegoVideo will turn that pile of VHS tapes into DVDs for you. We realize that you value your family memories from the '90s. The VHS format was so wildly popular and explosive then that it seems everyone had a VHS camera and a VHS VCR. It seems that everyone has been dumping their VCR players in the last several years. With the internet, DVDs and DVRs, people just don't need analog video recording formats. Decide today that you are going to bring in your most precious VHS tapes and have them revived. Your entire family will love to see their younger selves again.

When your sons and daughters see the DVDs you got from San Diego Audio Video, they will want copies. If you have a computer, chances are you have a DVD burner with which you can make copies for the entire family. DVDs are meant to be easier to watch and to skip through than video tapes. The quality of the video itself will never deteriorate, so you will have nothing to stress about where old family memories are concerned.

San Diego Audio Video handles everything from miniVHS tapes to S-VHS tapes to VHS-C tapes. Contact SDAV for questions.

MiniDV to DVD

If you are like most people today, for the last 10 years or so you have been recording your family memories on mini DV hand-held cameras. Assuming your camera still miniDV to dvd san diegoworks, and the tape mechanism is not dirty or clogged, watching the videos on your TV is not that hard: you just plug in the camera and play the mini DV tapes off of it. Transferring mini DV videos to DVD is one of San Diego Audio Video's most popular services. While some people like to capture mini DV footage onto their computer to make a DVD themselves, authoring a DVD is not the easiest or fastest task... especially if you have dozens of tapes.

Having San Diego Audio Video transfer your mini DV tapes to DVD will make it easy for you to store, share, and skip through all those years of memories. Show the DVD at a big family party by just putting the disc in and hitting play. Everyone will enjoy it and you will be glad you made the move.

Photo scanning

Scanning all of your old photos from those old albums in your house or in Grandma's house is something you could do by yourself. Surely you have considered the option of taking every single picture and manually scanning it one at a time on your flatbed scanner. The reason you may have San Diego Photo Scanningput this off is you realize how long it will take to finally get the job done. You may also be waiting to find out what would give you the highest quality. We understand you may be someone who wants to do it all yourself. However, scanning pictures is a job best left to us. Here's why:

Our professional technicians have tons of experience with photo scanning.
We have state-of-the-art, high-resolution scanners that are several notches above consumer scanners.
Let's face it: you have better things to do with your time. Understandably, you are passionate about organizing your photos and tagging them with everybody's name and where they were taken. However, this already takes a long time to do once your pictures are scanned. Save time and don't risk having to rescan a bunch of pictures that you messed up by mistake.

If you need San Diego Audio Video to fix old photos, we do that too!

Slide Scanning

If you have a lot of slides to scan, bring them in to San Diego Audio Video. Our slide slide scanning san diegoscanning services are the best in town. Our high resolution scanners are fully equipped to handle delicate slides and make them look great on your computer screen. Whether you have 35mm slides or 35mm negatives, San Diego Audio Video can help you see your memories again and share them on CDs, DVDs or through the Internet.

Take advantage of San Diego Audio Video's slideshow creation services if you need a slideshow presentation for an event.

Negative Scanning

If you have undeveloped camera film, you can bring it straight into San Diego Audio Video and we'll digitize it for you. This and will avoid you having to go and develop the pictures just to scan them. Our negative scanning services are perfect for you if your pictures have decayed substantially but your negatives are still intact. Our negative scanner can handle high resolutions and reproduce colors vividly and accurately. San Diego Audio Video's technicians are very experienced in all sorts of picture formats.

Audio Cassette to CD

Remember the 90's? Everyone had cassette decks in their car, and many people still do. Audio cassettes were very popular. We all had cassettes. Some of us had important memories recorded on the cassettes. We may have recorded our own songs, interviewed an elder, or created a dance mix tape.cassette to dvd san diego San Diego Audio Video's cassette to CD services will rescue whatever it was you felt was worthy to record.

When you get the CD back from San Diego Audio Video, you will want to listen to it over and over. The quality of the transfer is limited to the original quality of the cassette recording itself. San Diego Audio Video can always remove clicks and pops and create separate tracks for you upon request, for an extra fee. We can also transfer the audio cassette to a digital audio file.

CD/DVD Duplication

CD Duplication San DiegoSan Diego Audio Video offers CD and DVD duplication services. Whether you just need a quick copy of a disc or want to make dozens of copies for your whole extended family, we can help you out. Duplicating CDs and DVDs is quick and painless with San Diego Audio Video, and we are confident you will be satisfied with our service. CD and DVD duplication is not the same as CD and DVD replication. CD/DVD duplication is more for quick, generic copies.


CD/DVD Replication

If you're interested in having professionally-replicated CDs and DVDs, look no further than San Diego Audio Video. Not to be confused with CD/DVD duplication, replication will make your CDs or DVDs look identical in every aspect. If you've already produced CDs and sold out all of your copies, we can help you with our CD replication services.

Slide Show Creation

San Diego Audio Video offers professional scanning services, where you can bring your photos, slides, and negatives in for digitizing. It doesn't have to stop there. Our slide show creation services are a great option for you if you want to share your memories with many people at once. Whether you're having a party, a wedding, or any other event, our slideshows will be the big hit. Simply supply us with your memories and we'll take care of the rest.

Video Editing

San Diego Audio Video offers professional video editing for all your needs. Our creative staff can sit with you as you direct your project, or you can let them take over and utilize their many years of experience to come up with a brilliant video for you.

You can use our video editing services as part of transferring your old film or VHS memories. We know that home videos may need a lot of editing work in order to be fully enjoyable, and after years of satisfying people we know what it'll take to have you get the most out of your memories. We can cut out shaky, bumpy shots, or trim the scenes that seem to go on forever and ever. We can add musical soundtracks and effects, or even make a video montage integrating pictures and text.

If your company needs to put together a promo video and you just don't know who to ask, you can count on San Diego Audio Video and our talented editing staff. We have green screen capability and a great recording facility.